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TISA announces re-registration milestone for Altus and Origo

TISA has announced today that Altus and Origo have successfully completed the first interoperability tests between their respective re-registration systems. Using TISA-endorsed scenarios for nominee to nominee transfers, this achievement shows that in-specie asset transfer messages can be transmitted, received and understood by both Altus and Origo re-registration solutions.

This is the first time that two different re-registration solution providers have successfully exchanged messages using the new ISO20022/SWIFT message standard. Previous pilots have involved all parties using the same system so this latest development is an important step in the creation of an open, interoperable environment for re-registration.

In line with the RDR timescale, the FSA has set a deadline of the end of 2012 for platforms and providers to allow re-registration and there has been a great deal of discussion in the industry about automated re-registration services.

Altus Products Director Ben Cocks believes the tests represent a significant milestone:

“This first transfer between competing suppliers should remove any lingering doubts about interoperability and give people the confidence to focus on the functionality they need rather than worrying about message networks. The freedom we all take for granted when buying a mobile phone is finally coming to Financial Services.”

Paul Pettitt, Managing Director of Origo, said:

“Our customers have told us that they want to know that their re-registration solution provider has the experience to run a mission-critical service for them, and importantly, can also interoperate with the other systems available. By demonstrating that re-registration interoperability is at the heart of the tried and trusted Options Transfers service, we give them confidence that we can deliver the solution they need.”

Jeffrey Mushens, TISA Technical Director commented:

“An enormous amount of work is going into enabling the electronic transfer of assets. We have established TeX to provide certainty for customers and firms that re-registration is being completed to an agreed standard. These latest interoperability tests by Altus and Origo are also helping to build the momentum towards successfully meeting the RDR re-registration requirements ahead of the end of year deadline.”


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