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Investment, savings and pensions industry announces long term solution to improving customer experience of transferring between companies 17th Oct 2018
Criterion and TeX propose landmark collaboration to support TRIG framework 6th Sep 2018
TeX appoints David Moffat as new Chair 29th May 2018
TeX NED joins Criterion Board 19th Mar 2018
TeX forms a closer relationship with Criterion 10th Nov 2017
TeX to appoint new Chair 16th Oct 2017
TISA responds to DWP report on automatic transfers 13th Feb 2015
TISA Exchange (‘TeX’) reports on progress to reduce asset transfer times 16th Dec 2014
TISA Exchange (‘TeX’) calls for electronic pension cash transfers to reduce costs to savers 14th Oct 2014
TISA Exchange (‘TeX’) response to calls for a pension transfer service 5th Sep 2014
New Open Standards and Services for the Electronic Transfer of Pension Assets 2nd Apr 2014
Pension transfer times set to fall - TISA Exchange launches new service 12th Nov 2013
TISA Exchange to incorporate pensions 26th Sep 2013
Funds industry collaboration signals end to delays in client re-registration 1st Jul 2013
TeX scope could extend to offshore funds and pensions 19th Mar 2013
TeX Contact Register goes live 21st Jan 2013
TISA re-registration programme ready to go live 3rd Dec 2012
TeX launches website 25th Jun 2012
TISA announces re-registration milestone for Altus and Origo 13th Mar 2012
TISA completes re-registration programme 9th Feb 2012
TISA Exchange opens for membership 9th Sep 2011
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