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The Advisory Councils are sub-committees of the Board (TeX Special Advisory Council) and exist to serve the needs of TeX members. Members will be entitled to propose changes. It is expected that changes will generally be aggregated and implemented once each year, except in respect of the SLA, which is likely to be updated more frequently.

The Board can also establish ad hoc working groups for such purposes and projects as the Board may specify. It is expected that the working groups will be discussion groups set up to make recommendations to the appropriate Advisory Council on particular areas from time to time, such as technical issues. Advisory Councils consist of TeX members and Associates only although working groups and technical committees may be extended to include non-members as appropriate.

TeX has the following Advisory Councils (AC):

  • TeX Development Partners Council
  • TeX SLA & Operational Advisory Council
  • TeX Legal Advisory Council

Advisory Council Objectives

  • To consider, study and report upon to the TeX Board, as required, all initiatives, consultations or developments of any kind that may impact the scope of the Advisory Council and the members of TeX.
  • To respond verbally or in writing to all such initiatives, where appropriate.
  • To represent the interests of TeX members in doing so.
  • To inform the wider TeX membership in written briefings of the strategic and tactical impacts of such initiatives, through the administration team, where appropriate.
  • To formulate, and pursue, TeX initiatives related to the members and potential members designed to facilitate beneficial change or to share best practice.
  • To formulate the content of at least one Seminar per annum in consultation with the administration team and such other events as may be deemed advisable from time to time
  • To report formally upon its activities to the TeX Board, once a year.
  • To have regard, in all its activities, to the best interests of consumers of retail financial services in the UK.

There are also additional working groups (WG) and technical committees (TC) with details of members and minutes from meetings available within the projects area.

TeX currently has the following working groups (WG) and technical committees (TC): 

  • TeX MI TC
  • Share Class Conversions

Details of Advisory Council members, together with the minutes from meetings (you will need to be logged in as a member for access to these) are available using the links below.